Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gotta Love This...

I was just looking at pictures of London when she and I were in the hospital on the computer with Autumn when she says, " You look so beautiful." I said, "Really? You really think I'm beautiful?" and then comes her sweet but painfully honest response, "Even though your fat your still beautiful" Gotta Love It!!! Just had to share. I am so far behind I'm scared to update my blog but I will try soon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The morning after ... the EPI-PEN!!!

Well, I guess it was getting a little dull in the Smith household. We hadn't had a life-threatening emergency lately so I guess it was our due.

Short Version:

Noah was outside with his sisters playing at the end of the cul-de-sac last week (Monday). After a while, they came into the house and Noah was rubbing his eyes like crazy. I took one look at him and knew it was his worst reaction to SOMETHING?? ever! Underneath his eyes was swollen out at least an inch. I yelled at him to wash his hands and face and lay on the couch. I ran for the Benadryl!!! I gave him 3 teaspoons -- his dose was 1 or 2 teaspoons but he really needed some and fast. I ran back over to the couch to closer evaluate the situation. I heard him wheeze and asked if he was having difficulty breathing and he said a little. As I looked at my baby boy I had a scary feeling that I would need to give him his epi-pen. I called one of my friends, Gayla, she had given her son an epi-pen last month and is in nursing school too. Next was a series of miracles:

1. Gayla was home (She is busy and hard to get a hold of)
2. I found Noah's epi -pen
3. The epi-pen was not expired

I told Gayla what I was seeing (face progressively swelling, eyes almost swollen shut, and difficulty breathing). I asked "Am I going to need to give him his epi-pen?" Gayla was like, "I think you are going to need to give him his epi-pen." She talked me through it with Noah panicking in the background because he could tell I was going to give him a shot! The girls were great and had him squeeze their hands while I gave the shot. The first time it bounced right off his leg but the next time it went in real good. It was kind of freaky because you have to hold the epi-pen to his leg for 10 seconds after you give it. Well, fourth miracle ... it worked!!! Breathing resolved and slowly swelling decreased. The worst swelling was his eyes -- the white part of his eye was swollen out past his eye socket and this I noticed after the epi-pen when I was looking at him from the side.

I called the Dr. and they said to bring him to the ER but after consultation with my two friends and with me in my pajamas, with 5 kids and swimming lessons and swimming fun scheduled with friends I decided to just observe him at home. After all he was breathing fine now.

Noah's thoughts, "It was scary when you were talking on the phone and talking about the epi-pen."

I didn't even think of taking a picture that day but managed to take a picture of Noah holding the epi-pen box the morning after.

We know he was playing in a cornfield for a few minutes outside and the corn husks did touch him all over his body. I guess that is what he was reacting to -- still not sure but definetly no playing in the cornfield anymore.
Update to this post to follow with more excitement to come ...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Calling Everyone Who Eats!!!

I have a challenge for anyone who eats, cooks, and or breathes air. I just found out some more foods my kids are sensitive to and therein lies the challenge. If you have any ideas of any meal, snack, dessert that meets the following or most of the following requirements please let me know:

1. Gluten - free (no wheat, gluten, flour, malt)
2. No Nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, paprika, eggplant)
3. No Soy
4. No Corn
5. No Eggs
6. No Peanuts or Tree Nuts

Thanks in advance!! It's getting to be a real challenge to feed this brood! Although Brooklyn decided to eat AIR for supper and found it quite tasty!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today is the day I am going to SNAP!

Today is the day I am going to SNAP! Why?

I can't go into it or you would snap too!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Autumn's Classic Sayings ...

I love this girl! She is so sweet and hilarious all rolled up in one. Just a few of her classic sayings over the past few weeks:

1. We had a Family Home Evening about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We talked about how much Joseph Smith sacrificed to get us the Book of Mormon and how much he loved Jesus. We also watched part of the talk given by President Holland at conference a youtube mormon video that talked about Joseph Smiths sacrifice. At the end of FHE Autumn says:

"If some bad guys had me in prison and they told me that you could get out of jail if you said that you didn't believe in Jesus or they would KILL me --- I would say you just better KILL me because I believe in Jesus."

Doesn't that melt your heart!!! I cried!!! This is what being a parent is all about and makes everything worth while!!!!

2. Tonite we were talking about funerals and if the kids would go to their grandparents funerals (hopefully not soon). The girls have been to at least one funeral and Noah has not. In other words, he has not seen a LIVE dead person.

Brooklyn says, "It's like their sleeping they are just dressed up -- not wearing pajamas"

Eric says, "It's like Mom on Sunday afternoon."

Autumn says, "No it's like Mommy going to bed except without snoring."

It always seems like I end up being the brunt of most jokes in our household.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another BAD Sunday ...

You know it's bad when you wake up on a Sunday morning and...

1. You try on the new skirt you just bought and say to your 9 year old, "I don't know if I like this skirt, it makes me look fat" and she says "It's not just that skirt Mom, you look fat in pretty much anything you wear!"

2. You go to cut your bangs just before Church so you can see - all the kids in the car - you look at the clock and it's 8:58 am. Church starts at 9 am.

3. You are putting makeup on - on the way to Church, not buckled in (yikes!), and pull in 5 minutes late into the parking lot ready to run into the Church only to be stopped by a policeman!!! And I quote, "Did you not see me trying to pull you over on Burlington Beach, my lights flashing and then hear my siren?" All I could say was "No - sorry!" Anyways, I was clocked going 46 mph in a 30 mph zone. I wasn't trying to speed. He must not have seen me without a seatbelt on because he didn't mention it. Thank goodness!!! I normally wear my seatbelt it was just crazy this am. Anyways, I got a warning - not a ticket which was totally amazing. I never get out of tickets! I told Eric it was probably because I was going to Church and Heavenly Father knew I would snap if I got a ticket.

4. We were in such a rush for Church I didn't change the baby's diaper and figured I would change it after sacrament. During sacrament Eric gets my attention and asks if I had changed London's diaper?? ... then points down to the huge wet spot on his pants.

5. I came back into sacrament after taking London to the bathroom and Noah was up standing in front to give his testimony and not saying anything --- finally the Bishop whispered to him and then he came back and sit down. I didn't know what was going on and was really embarassed for him. Come to find out he had a frog in his throat and couldn't start his testimony. He did later that day.

6. London started acting crazy and crying in sacrament so out I go again and I was not too happy ... Sister Berry followed me out and took London for me -- she knew I was having a bad day since she saw the cop pull me over at Church.

My one major highlight of the day was that I got to hold Odessa Richardson (only a few months old) for Relief Society. When I came to get London to go to the bathroom, Odessa was crying and I offered to take her to Relief Society with me. Niki (mom) has three kids and is the nursery leader and one of her kids is nursery age, one almost nursery age and then the baby. It was so fun to hold her baby and I had a few people who thought she looked good on me!!! What a beauty! We will miss you Niki!!!

Needless to say this was my day from 6:40 am to 12 noon. Sundays do seem to be a challenge for our family but I'm sure we'll survive. Had to record this for posterity because otherwise I would want to block it out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Today has been a great day! Well, to be honest, it has been an AWESOME weekend -- What great kids and husband I have! Here's the highlites:


- Tiny afternoon nap while Brooklyn watches London (I cashed in an early Mother's Day coupon)
- Dad grabs pizza for supper because I'm tired (Mother's Day weekend begins)
- Scrapnite! All night party with friends, treats and my favorite hobby


- Sleep in a little
- Eric goes grocery shopping with London / I go to primary activity with other 4
- Eric makes luch for me and all the kids
- Long afternoon nap --- it was awesome!!!
- Bike supervising outside with 3 middle kids
- Eric makes supper (Salisbury Steak -- very good!)
- Movie (Sherlock Holmes - I didn't care for it too much but Eric really liked it)
- Dairy Queen Blizzard (Turtle/Carmelly one)
- Falling asleep in Eric's arms


- Sleep in a little
- No early Sunday meetings for Eric (this is really a treat since he normally leaves at 7:00 am and I am responsible to get everyone there for Church at 9:00 am.)
- YUMMY and big Southern Breakfast (biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns ... this is not a diet weekend)
- Really cute cards and coupons from the kids (ex. job coupons from Brooklyn and Noah, Autumn's card said "I will love you dear Mom even when your old I will speak kindly to you" and Autumn filled out a info. sheet on her Mom that is hilarious (see picture of it).
- Super awesome surprise from Eric! (Albanese Candy Factory assortment and a LEATHER COUCH to arrive on Wednesday). It was a big surprise - I was not expecting it at all but what was really funny was that when we were watching the movie Saturday night I was telling him about how more comfortable a new couch made of leather would probably be. We had looked at one about 3 weeks ago but didn't end up getting it. I thought maybe one day...
- Allowed to read my book in peace this afternoon
- Sunday dinner (Roast, potatoes, carrots, onion, corn, salad)

Thanks for an awesome Mother's Day Weekend Eric! I love you!!!!!

Noah writes, "You'll always be my mother mom no matter how short, or tall, big or small. I'll always love you and I hope you'll always love me to. I love you for you mother and it's because your the greatest you can ever be. Love, Noah."

Brooklyn writes, "mother I just want to give you something you can use and is not expired tell Jan. 1 so here it is your present." (4 job coupons)

My mother is the most wonderful mom in the whole wide world.
She is as pretty as A RAINBOW
She weighs 100 lbs (I love that girl!)
She is 50 FEET tall
Her favorite food is MEAT ON A BONE
Mom is happy when I GIVE HER KISSES
I wish my mom would TAKE ME TO BUTTERFLY PARK everyday
I would not trade my mom for MY SIGN-IN JOURNAL
Love, Autumn

Autumn writes, "Happy Mother's Day. I will Love you Dear Mom even When your old I will speak kindly fo you."

Eric's Card says, "Happy, Mother's Day from the guy who made it possible for you to celebrate today ...

... and believe me, it was a pleasure!
(wink, wink)
Love You
Happy Mother's Day Laura
Your leather sofa will be here on Wednesday. (What an awesome surprise!!!)
I love you!!
Love Eric
**Being a mother is great and something I have always dreamed of. It is a great priviledge and even though there are many ups and downs -- I wouldn't trade it for the world!**

London & Missionaries

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