Friday, January 29, 2010

Weight Update!

The news is good but not great! I have lost 1 pound only this week. However, I think I am about to bleed out ... so that being said I am doing pretty good since I can usually gain 5 lbs at that time of the month. My other clue is my severe grouchiness!!! Let's hope this is not permanent!

Weight - 177.8 lbs (loss of 1 pound)

BMI - 32.5 (loss of .2)

I have realized that I eat due to stress alot!!! And of course my life is constant chaos!!! I have exercised every other day except weekends but not more than 20 - 25 minutes on the treadmill. I probably need to increase that a little. Also ...

I need good snack ideas!! I love to eat after I put the kids to bed 8-10pm at night. I know this is not good!! but I usually have three snacks so just cutting down to one snack a night would be a huge improvement.

Let me know your favorite (being good) snack ideas!


Friday, January 22, 2010

The Honest Truth is ...

I'm scared to put this on my blog but tons of people have said that it has helped them be accountable. So to anyone who follows me and knows that my love language is words of affirmation I need lots of encouragement and support because I need to be skinnerish -

January 22/2010

Weight - 178.8 lbs (Don't scream too loud with fear!)

BMI - 32.7 (OBESE - Noah saw me checking and asked what obese meant - I told him super-overweight and he thought that it was pretty funny for Mom to be in the super-overweight category but thought that it was even more funny for me to say I was trying to just be overweight)

Exercise - 20 minutes at 2.5 miles on Treadmill (I did this tody for the 1st time since before Thanksgiving)

Intial Goal Weight - 163 lbs (Then I will just be overweight)

The Dr. has told me also that my cholesterol is high and I have two months to bring it down or I will have to be put on medicine. Any suggestions?

Wish me luck and I will update often!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanksgiving In Alabama

We drove to Alabama for Thanksgiving. We had a great time! Here are some highlights:

Aunt LeAnne and Aunt Bridgette give each of the kids a birthday present. Girls received Build - A- Bear animals and outfits, Noah got Lego's, Book and Pinata, and Ryan got several textured balls. Thanks so much!!!

Ryan loves his new balls from his Aunts.

Uncle Jason and London bond!

Noah is recovering after a hive attack. He was playing in hay with his cousins, unbeknownest to Mom, and after a great photo shoot with his cousins in the hay he came in with tons of hives. After a monster dose of benadryl and a bath and a new set of clothes he took a long.... nap! We wanted to go to the hospital in Alabama but it just didn't work out! Psyche!!!!!!

Ryan, unsupervised, made his way out to the barn and proceeded to take off his shoes and socks and play in the dirt. This is right by the barn and can I just say is a place where you NEED shoes. Yikes!!! Where were his parents?
Brooklyn and her cousin, Kayla, play on barrels outside. All the cousins had tons of fun with this activity. It was definetly a highlight of the trip.

We had fun playing games together. Autumn is with her cousin Sean and Aunt LeAnne in this picture. The game is "Guess Who" and was a hit!

Here is a picture of the group who went to Chuck - E - Cheese to celebrate cousins birthdays. Aunt Rachel had the great idea of having all of our kids names on the cake since we live so far away. Uncle Wayne gave us a great coupon for the tokens and it was a steal of a deal! Where were most of the dads? Watching the Alabama/Auburn game of course!

What trip to the farm is complete without a bonfire? We roasted (burnt) marshmallows. It was a little more than a marshmallow could handle!

The kids loved going out to the barn with Grandpa Smith every morning and evening to collect eggs and milk the goats and feed the animals. They love farm life!!

Just before we left Grandpa gave the kids a pony ride. London totally FREAKED out but It was a huge highlight!
** Look at the right side of my blog for two cute video clips of our trip**
1. Pony ride led by Grandpa Smith. London totally FREAKS out!!
2. Just before our trip we made up a cute MORMON song and used the same tune as a song Autumn learned in kindergarten. We performed for the Aunts in Alabama. It is too cute!!

We had a great time and will be back soon! Thanks everyone in Alabama!!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Wii Woes!!!

The Wii has taken control of the Smith household! Wii tends to want to rule our lives. I need to develop a policy but I am not sure what would be good.

Do you let your kids play Wii every day, if they are done their chores for the day then they can play, in the morning before school if they are totally ready, only once a week, never? Since I know everyone reads my blog I do not doubt I will have several ideas or suggestions. Hurry before Wii takes over the Mommy -- I must say I do like Mario Kart!

Help Us!!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kindergarten Field Trip

I got to help chaparone a field trip for Autumn's class in November just before Thanksgiving. We got to go to a local feed shop and learn about birds, birdhouses, what they eat and for a finale see a live turkey. It was tons of fun!

This is Autumn signing in at the beginning of the day.

Autumn is not so sure she wants to be a bird. Dehydrated worms do not make the top of her snack list!

Autumn is still not so sure about the bird business.

This was the baby turkey we got to see up close and personal.

We got back to school and the kids sang a few songs as a group. What a cutie!

Drawing a turkey and writing one sentence about the experience.

Autumn has a flair for writing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Brown Sugar Beach

Dear Mommy -

Thank-you so much for leaving the bag of brown sugar open on the cupboard today! It was so tempting ! I couldn't resist throwing it all over the kitchen and creating an edible beach indoors for me to run between my fingers and toes. I love it when you leave open bags of flour and sugar and rice and powdered sugar and ... around the house. Today was awesome and I had a great time! I can't wait until my next edible beach!!

Love You,


Don't you just love the sugar crusted cuffs of his jeans?

I wonder how that sugar feels on his foot? Now that is a sensory experience if I ever saw one!
This was in November 2009 and so far I have kept most items closed and not out on the cupboard but sooner or later I will forget and Ryan will have another day at the beach!!! I don't even get mad anymore because he is so excited and has so much fun with the various items he throws to the floor to feel with his toes.

Monday, January 11, 2010

LOVING Leaf Pictures!!!!

I took these pictures in Novemeber and I just loved them! Leaf pictures are so fun! I am way behind in my posts but these were too cute to leave off my blog. Some of these are blurry but I just couldn't resist their cuteness -- blurriness and all. Enjoy!!!!

Did you like it? Leaf pictures are AWESOME!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar is AWESOME!!!

If you have not seen this movie yet it is a must see!!!! Eric and I finally went on a date -- it has been 3 or 4 months and we were going to go out to eat. I was talking to my sister Stacey and she mentioned that her and her husband were going to go on a date too. They were going to see the movie Avatar. She wasn't really into it but her husband was excited to see it. I got to thinking and thought it might be good. When I was on the couch resting for 2+ weeks I had seen some commentaries on the movie and it was supposed to be really good and was the most expensive movie made. I didn't want to miss out so I asked Eric if he wanted to see it.

Needless to say we went to the movie. It was soooo good!!! We went to the 3-D one and I'm sure that helped make it even better. It is a long movie but I didn't even notice and couldn't believe it when it was over. I was really into it -- so much so that at times I yelled out "NO!" and other phrases (no swearing) during the stressful parts. Every muscle of my body was tensed. It felt like you were really there and that you were in Pandora (I think that was it). It was as good as getting really into a book and being unable to stop reading it! It has to be an all time favorite movie and I could definetly see it again! I am not a see it again person either. It is a total love story but with a lot of guy parts. Girls will like it! My sister really liked it too!!!

So basically, I totally recommend it and hope some of you have had a chance to see it. Let me know! I wonder how many babies will be named Jake and the main girl characters name this year!!! If I was having a baby I would be tempted..., catch your breath, .but I'm not so I will leave it up to you my friends.

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