Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Autumn's Classic Sayings ...

I love this girl! She is so sweet and hilarious all rolled up in one. Just a few of her classic sayings over the past few weeks:

1. We had a Family Home Evening about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We talked about how much Joseph Smith sacrificed to get us the Book of Mormon and how much he loved Jesus. We also watched part of the talk given by President Holland at conference a youtube mormon video that talked about Joseph Smiths sacrifice. At the end of FHE Autumn says:

"If some bad guys had me in prison and they told me that you could get out of jail if you said that you didn't believe in Jesus or they would KILL me --- I would say you just better KILL me because I believe in Jesus."

Doesn't that melt your heart!!! I cried!!! This is what being a parent is all about and makes everything worth while!!!!

2. Tonite we were talking about funerals and if the kids would go to their grandparents funerals (hopefully not soon). The girls have been to at least one funeral and Noah has not. In other words, he has not seen a LIVE dead person.

Brooklyn says, "It's like their sleeping they are just dressed up -- not wearing pajamas"

Eric says, "It's like Mom on Sunday afternoon."

Autumn says, "No it's like Mommy going to bed except without snoring."

It always seems like I end up being the brunt of most jokes in our household.


The Gibbs said...

I am still laughing. Don't kids and hubbys say the funniest things. I love it.

The Gibbs said...

Oh and I like how you changed the front picture to July 4th last year and not Christmas. Maybe you should have waited a couple of weeks for this year July 4th picture. Ha Ha Ha.....

MOM said...

I'm glad your enjoying your kids they do come up with some great sayings. I'm glad your making a record of the insightful things that they come up with
Love MOM

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