Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My husband the comedian ...

Last night after Family Home Evening my tailbone was killing me!! We were in the girl's room and I was sitting on the floor for awhile. I couldn't get up!!! It's probably because I'm fat and old but I blamed my tailbone --- it was really hurting! Eric couldn't even yank me up so I was going on and on about how my tailbone was broken or cracked and how was I going to ever get up.

Well I decided to try and get on my knees and up from there. One more time I said, "My tailbone must be cracked!" Noah asks what a tailbone is and we say it's like your bottom. Then when I turned my back to everyone to leave the room Eric says, "Oh my gosh, your butt does have a big crack in it!"

Well, I gotta admit it was pretty funny!!! And the kids got a real kick out of it -- laughing all the way down the stairs to get our treat.

Family Home Evening is never boring in our house!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, it was getting a little boring at the Smith house. No medical emergency, except the fake 911 call, at the Smith home for over 1 month. So...

1. Take one Autumn
2. A sore throat (so sore Autumn and I hit CVS at 4 am this morning in search of throat cures -- $10 later none of which worked or she would take!)
3. Fever of 101.2
4. Rash all over chest and back and some on face and hands

You have a VERY bad case of strepe throat with rash (aka. Scarlet Fever!) Scary huh?

Sounds more scary than it is. Just treated the same as strepe throat with anitbiotics but I think a little higher dose than normal. She has been home from school today and will be tomorrow for sure too.

I have to say that people at Church should love me for making that baby stay home Sunday. She had a fever Saturday night but felt ok in the morning but I thought it might be better for her not to go to Church in case she did have strepe. A good Mom moment!

Well T.V. and ice pops have been a hit today and so far everyone is holding their own. Everyone took a nap -- we all didn't get much sleep last night!!!

Any well wishes for Autumn? Wish us luck!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The DRAMA of just one day ...

Well it's only early afternoon on Sunday and we already have had plenty of drama -

1. Brooklyn would not get ready for Church. I tried to get her out of bed to go in her P.J.'s and she hung on for dear life so... I drove to church with 4 kids and sent Eric home to get her out of bed, dressed and to church. Definetly 9 years old going on 15 years.

2. London has been doing very well potty training but you can't be perfect and had a #2 accident when Daddy was in charge after church. The underwear and #2 went straight into the garbage. Daddy said it was not salvagable. Mommy was at a scout committee meeting.

3. Autumn asked if she could call a school friend. Accidentally or curiously --- the verdict is still out --- 911 was called instead!!! As soon as Autumn heard them ask about an emergency she hung up. They called back and Eric answered. Eric explainned it must have been one of the kids (we have 5). Then the police came! SWEET!!!! Not only did she come to the door and talk with me I could tell she wanted to look around inside the house. So she did and saw everything was ok. Which is good -- it could have been worse! Eric heard the knock on the door and headed straight for the bedroom for me to deal with the police. Gotta love it!

Well, it's 4 pm and we still have 4 hours left before bedtime. Can't wait to see what happens next!

London & Missionaries

Jump, Mommy (missionary), Jump