Saturday, December 19, 2009

I dodged the HOSPITAL bullet!!!

Recently, I have been majorily sick with my asthma. It all started just before Thanksgiving. I was a little wheezy, nothing major, and then we went to Eric's Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving. They live on a farm. I didn't go out to the barn or pet animals but FUR was in the air and I got a little more wheezy. Nothing major I just had to take my inhaler a few times a day and some allergy medicine. We got back from Alabama and then I volunteered at Noah's school timing an obstacle course Thursday 2 weeks ago. It was all well and good until I decided that I wanted to run the obstacle course. It was pretty hard but I did pretty good for a member of the 39 club. However, when I finished the course I could not breath. My asthma really flared up!!!! I had to concentrate on breathing. I, of course, did not have my inhaler with me and still had 1 1/2 hours to volunteer. I finished at the school and went home to grab my inhaler which I proceeded to take about 20 times. Eventually my symptoms subsided somewhat ...

Over the weekend I developed a cough and wheeze and by Monday a week ago I could not talk to someone on the phone without getting winded and I was wheezing alot. I tracked my Dr. down in Schereville (50 minutes away) and I was about to die. I failed the pulmonary tests and received a breathing treatment in the office, and was given a steroid inhaler and high dose of steroid medicine (prednisone). So ... I took my pills/medicine and kept going with my crazy hectic life. NOT a good idea!!! Dr. wanted me to come back to see him on this Tuesday and when I went I was a little better but still not breathing too good (very wheezy). He added another steroid inhaler to my medicine arsenal and more prednisone and said I really needed to ... REST!!!!! I got a good chuckle out of that! So I took it easy Tues night and decided not to go to cub scouts Wed night . By Wed afternoon I was spent and even worse despite all my medicines. I sat myself on the couch and then basically did not move until Saturday morning except for a few instances and an occasional stroll to the Ladie's room. Eric helped get the kids on the bus Thursday and Friday and my friend KayLynn came to my house and TOTALLY cleaned my kitchen and watched my 2 little ones at home and then took all 5 of mine over to her house after school to join her 6 until Eric got home at 5 - 5:30 pm. She is awesome!!!! My friends carried on with cub scouts, brought meals for 2 days, wished me well and my family talked to me lots on the phone.

I thought for sure I would end up in the hospital when I started having to take my breathing machine every 4 hours too on Wednesday night. I was not getting better even though I had been resting ALL day. My chest was on fire and felt like I had a 20lb weight on it and many times when I took a breath I would go into coughing hysterics. Eric gave me Mucinex and a blessing on Thursday night and after about 20 minutes I started to get a little bit of air. I was so exhausted!!! Anyways, I think I have weathered the worse and am on the mend. I go to the Dr. on Tuesday and one of my good friends, Brandi, is going to watch my brew because I don't think I can handle all of them at the DR. still being in recovery. I am still trying to take it easy and I think I need to end this post and rest some more but needless to say it has been a crazy week and I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I'm so glad I ordered tons of my presents online during Novemeber and 1st of December or I would be in trouble.

I better get to resting but thought I would give an update ... I was going to get caught up on all my posts this week too!!! Ugh!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Nativity

On my sidebar is a really awesome video "The Nativity". This is produced by the LDS Church and then someone on you tube set the video to music by Amy Grant "Breath of Heaven." Please take a few minutes and watch it. It really helped me to get in the mood for Christmas and my kids LOVED watching it too! Since I already have music on my blog to hear the video good you can go down the side of my blog to the playlist and press the pause button. Then go up to the video click on it to get full screen and then you will be able to hear the music with the video. Let me know what you think? I LOVE it!!!

I have taken the video off my blog but you can find it on you tube if you look for Nativity and Breath of Heaven song. It is really good for anytime of year especially Christmas.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


We had tons of fun at the ward trunk or treat party. Our friends from down the street came to the Church with us for the fun. Four adults and eight kids was alot to keep track of with tons of other adults and kids running around. There was a chilli cook off and meal and then the kids went out to get the goods! They ended up with tons of candy and had an awesome time. London did get lost at one point and thankfully ended up with one of the young women. All in all it was a great night!

Sabrina, London, and Big Boy play ring around the rosy.

London and Anthony. She is so friendly it is scary!!!

Noah wins the cake walk. He is all smiles!

Autumn and Sabrina. I think they both won a prize at the cake walk too!

Ryan enjoys a few moments of spare time out of his stroller. He was pretty good for a little while and then need to have a break in his stroller. He is sitting by Sister Newman who is his cub scout den leader. He went up to her and was saying "Hi" trying to get her attention.

This is my friend Brandi (who ROCKS!!) and her son Jude. She made turkey pumpkin chili for the cook off and won the prize for the most unique! It was so good! She had made it and I tried it a few weeks before the cook off and I told her it was so good she should enter the contest. Let me know if you want the recipe! How could it not be good with cilantro in it?

This is a picture of our group minus the adults and the baby (Sophia). I think our friends had fun and the kids received a pretty big stash! Good news for Mom and Dad!

The kids are enjoying some of their hard-earned candy! However, we did have a little snag in our Halloween activities. I let the kids eat as much candy as they wanted and then Autumn woke up throwing up that night (probably too much sweets) and then the next night Brooklyn woke up in the night throwing up!! This time I think it was an allergic reaction to wheat and malt which are ingredients that are both in a Milky Way and which Brooklyn is allergic too because she has Celiac Disease. Yikes!!! Not my best mother moment! Oh well, we now know that Brooklyn can not eat Milky Ways ever again!!!

This is a shot on actual Halloween night. We went around the neighborhood and it was good weather. Not too cold! We went with our friends Sarah, Anthony and their kids and our other friends Brandi and two of her kids.

This is how we ended the night. A most of the group shot. We had some good treats and unique ones too (juice boxes, pencils, fruit and pudding). The kids really liked the juice boxes and drank these on the walk back home. We left a bowl of candy outside our door and left a note for people to take 2 or 3 pieces of candy. When we got home there was still some left but some had been taken so I guess it worked out. Yeah!!
I love how the kids costumes sorta coordinated even though you would think they didn't at first. In my previous post you can see their costumes better but this is how I think of it--
Brooklyn is a princess who has been kidnapped by Ryan, a jail - bird. The superhereos, Noah, a white Ninja, Autumn, Wonder Woman, and London, Supergirl are sent to rescue the princess and return the jail bird to prison.

Don't you love it! Halloween is my favorite holiday of all!!!!! Can't wait until next year!!!

DownTown VALPO Trick or Treating

My goal is to post my Halloween pictures before Christmas so here it goes ...

The kids and I got ready to go trick-or-treating downtown a few days before Halloween. Eric was still at work so I had to bring all five kids by myself on this adventure. It was soooooo cold!!! I was not prepared. Too many Halloween's in warm Alabama. The kids were troopers and we had a pretty good time but we froze to death!! We had no coats! Brooklyn and Noah were really big helpers since we had Ryan and London both in strollers. At one point London fell out of her stroller on to the road as we were crossing the street. O.k. Let's be honest, it was a gong show but also tons of fun and what wouldn't you do for FREE candy!!! I love Halloween!!!

Autumn loved her Wonder Woman costume!

Ready to head down-town to get the goods!

Here's our gang on the take ... I'm not sure what Noah is mad about.

Here's our group trying not to freeze to death. The wind and cold were crazy!!!!!

More Halloween to come!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Carving The Pumpkin & Bonus Music Video

Here are the pictures of us carving our pumpkin for Halloween. It was a real fun family activity. The kids had so much fun, Eric was brave to carve the biggest pumpkin ever, and it was the first Halloween London was really into.

London FREAKS out when Eric takes the top off the pumpkin!

Ryan reaches in for the seeds with Mom's help but is not too thrilled.

Ready to reach in for the seeds.

London starts trying to put the pumpkin back together again. She got really frustrated that Eric kept carving and pumpkin body parts were falling.

London was really surprised when we put the pumpkin outside? She couldn't quite figure out what was going on.
London goes for a close up of the pumpkin.
The best part of the night was when we put a candle in the pumpkin, lit it, turned off the lights and London broke out in a spontaneous "Happy Birthday"! The other kids joined in and I tried to quickly push the movie button on my camera. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Best Friends Forever!!!

Autumn's best friend is Angela Mathews. They love playing together and never fight. Angela is younger than Autumn so she isn't in school yet. Angela and her sister Ally were at my house with their mom KayLynn scrapbooking. We went outside to get Autumn off the bus and here was their reunion!!!

Here are all the girls together. London and Ally are real good friends too!
Isn't great to have a BFF?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn's Birthday!!!

I am so way behind on my posts!

Autumn turned 6 October 10th! She was really excited and we had a great day! We have just started the year of family birthdays (no friend parties -- so Eric and I can have a break). Autumn chose to go to McDonald's for breakfast. We had tons of fun and good food and she really liked posing in the birthday chair.

Later in the day we went to get Autumn's ears pierced! I don't know where the idea came from? I have my ears pierced but never wear earrings and I have never really talked about it with her. But she was determined and I was like ... it's your birthday ... why not?

She is getting really nervous!!! I had the Walmart lady get another lady to help her so they could do both ears at the same time. I figured we would have one shot at this and I thought she would look best with both ears pierced.

This is a picture right after. She was pretty traumatized!!! But she survived! Good move for doing both ears at once.

Within about 5 minutes she was all better and posed with her new found friends at Walmart. She looks so pretty with her pink earings!
Autumn picked out some Dora cupcakes for her family birthday and her she is blowing out her candles.She opens one of her presents. Her Dad picked out a deluxe make-up kit for her. She loved it!

Autumn hams it up for the camera. Are we surprised?
Autumn we love you and are so proud of you! I can't believe you are in school! What a big girl! I love your free spirit and fun-loving personality. You are really good at helping your baby sister London and are such a good friend to your older brothers and sister. You are a leader and I love that about you.
Hugs and Kisses,
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cousins visit=Paradise!!! Cousins leave= WITHDRAWL!!!

Ok ... I am finally going to post something. I know you have waited with baited breath and today is your lucky day!

My sister, Karen, and her family (husband - Brad and three kids - Danaka, Jeremy and Travis) all came to visit us from Canada. They came Sunday, Oct 11th and stayed until Saturday Oct. 17th. We had so much fun together! It was a full schedule and I think the kids only got to bed 1 night sorta kinda on time. Here are some of our highlights:
(with the exception of the Children's museum - I will post this later since I forgot my camera and had to use a disposable camera that day).

A group photo at the Museum of Science and Industry in front of the train. We went to Chicago for the day on Monday and got free admission! It was one of their free days they offer to the public. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Regular price was Adults - $23.00 and Kids - $16.00. I was really pumped that I found this free activity -- that is except for the $20.00 each for both vans for parking. Chicago -- Ughhhhhh!!!!!!

Eric started something when he lifted one of the kids to see the model of downtown Chicago. It was really cool!

We tried to have a group shot here but we only got some of our bunch.

Looking at the Am Track train driving around the Chicago model. It was kinda ironic since the Chernenko rode the train from Shelby, Montanna to Chicago -- 27 hours long!!!! but alot cheaper than going by plane.

Autumn admires a baby chick. We got to see one baby chick hatch from it's egg and then try to walk around right after it was born. It was really cool and one of my very favorite things we saw that day.

The kids dancing around and seeing their thermal images on the screen. It was entertainning!

Another try at a group photo! Oh well -- 7-8 kids and 1/4 adults isn't too bad!

We left the museum when the kids were dying of starvation. We had packed a lunch and decided to have a tailgate party right in the parking garage. The lunch was awesome and the kids were ready for the next adventure. I mentioned to Karen that our Mom would be proud of us. I'm sure it's something we did as kids! Cement makes the best picnic table!

We drove down by Soilder Field so Uncle Brad could take a picture of the stadium where the Chicago Bears play. He didn't get to see them in action but he seemed happy enough to at least document he was in the area! Eric and I circled with the kids while Uncle Brad and Aunt Karen ran up the stairs, took several pictures, and ran down the staris. We didn't want to pay $40.00 parking for a few pictures. The traffic police only almost yelled at us once!!!

Here we are in China town! The kids were intrigued by the roasted ducks we saw for sale in the window (neck, head, eyeball and all)!

London tries a green bean/pea we bought at one of the shops in China town. Karen said she had tried these before and bought some for us to try. Since London eats Tic Tacs by the ton I thought she might like them too! Eric said she didn't even eat it -- just gave the bean/pea a few licks. It must be really hot!!! I wasn't brave enough! We also bought some dried pinneapple and mango slices at the shop but it was quite a trick since no one spoke English. I mean NOT AT ALL! Through sign -language and reading some English labels we got our point across and didn't know how much we were spending! The Chinese ladies loved it when the kids said Hi to them in Chinese. I think it was their highlight of the day too! We bought some awesome tasting rice candies there too and you could eat the paper with the candy. The kids loved that!!

Eric took a picture of the great view of the Sears (Willis) tower from inside China town.

Uncle Brad jumps with his boys on our trampoline! The kids loved it! Too bad it rained almost every day the week they were here.

On Tuesday Eric, Noah, Uncle Brad and Jeremy went to the Chicago Bulls game!! They had so much fun!!! This was one of the boys and mens highlights of the entire trip. Especially because Eric got such a great deal! Four tickets to the game priced at $85 each (and got by Eric for $35 each), a $25 parking pass for free, a night out with the Dad's ... priceless!! Check out StubHub for other great deals!

Back from the game with t-shirts for the boys to remember the great time. This will be a great memory for them. Noah is already trying to hit Eric up for another trip to see the Bulls around his birthday in January.

Of course a stop at the candy factory was on our list. I love this place and of course all the kids do too!!!!!

We went bowling one night. It was kind of crazy with eight kids 10 and under but fun all the same!

Uncle Brad gets us all set up to bowl.

Aunt Karen and Travis take a turn on the trampoline!

Brooklyn and Danaka playing with their stuffed animals and kitchen.

Is Travis jealous of Aunt Karen reading London a book?

Noah talks Jeremy through a game of SPORE on the computer. Jeremy and Danaka both loved this game!

London loved getting to know her Uncle Brad!!!

A rare moment of love between Travis and London. They were oil and water, fire and ice, ... you get the idea!

All in all it was a great week! The kids had so much fun! There was some serious tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth when the moment of separation came!!!!! Can't wait until we see you again -- 2012 or bust!!

London & Missionaries

Jump, Mommy (missionary), Jump