Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cousins visit=Paradise!!! Cousins leave= WITHDRAWL!!!

Ok ... I am finally going to post something. I know you have waited with baited breath and today is your lucky day!

My sister, Karen, and her family (husband - Brad and three kids - Danaka, Jeremy and Travis) all came to visit us from Canada. They came Sunday, Oct 11th and stayed until Saturday Oct. 17th. We had so much fun together! It was a full schedule and I think the kids only got to bed 1 night sorta kinda on time. Here are some of our highlights:
(with the exception of the Children's museum - I will post this later since I forgot my camera and had to use a disposable camera that day).

A group photo at the Museum of Science and Industry in front of the train. We went to Chicago for the day on Monday and got free admission! It was one of their free days they offer to the public. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Regular price was Adults - $23.00 and Kids - $16.00. I was really pumped that I found this free activity -- that is except for the $20.00 each for both vans for parking. Chicago -- Ughhhhhh!!!!!!

Eric started something when he lifted one of the kids to see the model of downtown Chicago. It was really cool!

We tried to have a group shot here but we only got some of our bunch.

Looking at the Am Track train driving around the Chicago model. It was kinda ironic since the Chernenko rode the train from Shelby, Montanna to Chicago -- 27 hours long!!!! but alot cheaper than going by plane.

Autumn admires a baby chick. We got to see one baby chick hatch from it's egg and then try to walk around right after it was born. It was really cool and one of my very favorite things we saw that day.

The kids dancing around and seeing their thermal images on the screen. It was entertainning!

Another try at a group photo! Oh well -- 7-8 kids and 1/4 adults isn't too bad!

We left the museum when the kids were dying of starvation. We had packed a lunch and decided to have a tailgate party right in the parking garage. The lunch was awesome and the kids were ready for the next adventure. I mentioned to Karen that our Mom would be proud of us. I'm sure it's something we did as kids! Cement makes the best picnic table!

We drove down by Soilder Field so Uncle Brad could take a picture of the stadium where the Chicago Bears play. He didn't get to see them in action but he seemed happy enough to at least document he was in the area! Eric and I circled with the kids while Uncle Brad and Aunt Karen ran up the stairs, took several pictures, and ran down the staris. We didn't want to pay $40.00 parking for a few pictures. The traffic police only almost yelled at us once!!!

Here we are in China town! The kids were intrigued by the roasted ducks we saw for sale in the window (neck, head, eyeball and all)!

London tries a green bean/pea we bought at one of the shops in China town. Karen said she had tried these before and bought some for us to try. Since London eats Tic Tacs by the ton I thought she might like them too! Eric said she didn't even eat it -- just gave the bean/pea a few licks. It must be really hot!!! I wasn't brave enough! We also bought some dried pinneapple and mango slices at the shop but it was quite a trick since no one spoke English. I mean NOT AT ALL! Through sign -language and reading some English labels we got our point across and didn't know how much we were spending! The Chinese ladies loved it when the kids said Hi to them in Chinese. I think it was their highlight of the day too! We bought some awesome tasting rice candies there too and you could eat the paper with the candy. The kids loved that!!

Eric took a picture of the great view of the Sears (Willis) tower from inside China town.

Uncle Brad jumps with his boys on our trampoline! The kids loved it! Too bad it rained almost every day the week they were here.

On Tuesday Eric, Noah, Uncle Brad and Jeremy went to the Chicago Bulls game!! They had so much fun!!! This was one of the boys and mens highlights of the entire trip. Especially because Eric got such a great deal! Four tickets to the game priced at $85 each (and got by Eric for $35 each), a $25 parking pass for free, a night out with the Dad's ... priceless!! Check out StubHub for other great deals!

Back from the game with t-shirts for the boys to remember the great time. This will be a great memory for them. Noah is already trying to hit Eric up for another trip to see the Bulls around his birthday in January.

Of course a stop at the candy factory was on our list. I love this place and of course all the kids do too!!!!!

We went bowling one night. It was kind of crazy with eight kids 10 and under but fun all the same!

Uncle Brad gets us all set up to bowl.

Aunt Karen and Travis take a turn on the trampoline!

Brooklyn and Danaka playing with their stuffed animals and kitchen.

Is Travis jealous of Aunt Karen reading London a book?

Noah talks Jeremy through a game of SPORE on the computer. Jeremy and Danaka both loved this game!

London loved getting to know her Uncle Brad!!!

A rare moment of love between Travis and London. They were oil and water, fire and ice, ... you get the idea!

All in all it was a great week! The kids had so much fun! There was some serious tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth when the moment of separation came!!!!! Can't wait until we see you again -- 2012 or bust!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going for overweight ...

instead of obese. Isn't that depressing? I am obese! Right now my BMI is above 30. I am getting closer to overweight but not there yet. I am actually trying Weight Watchers by myself and I am pretty proud of myself so far. I am about 6 pounds away from overweight status so wish me luck (my sister and her family come visit for a week tommorrow) I need it!

Drama Queens

Ok, so I wanted to get Brooklyn's haircut before our company comes tommorrow. So... the other day I still hadn't made an appointment for her so I decided to do it myself. I have done it a few times before so I wasn't too scared. Well then Autumn wants her hair cut too! They both announce they want to be twins and have their haircut the same length. I asked how short they wanted it ... and Brooklyn showed me on Autumn. (Note to self, this may not be a decision for a nine year old to make without some major guidelines).

Anyways, I made the first cut on Autumn per Brooklyn's length instructions and I was scared. I didn't know what to do except keep on cutting!!!!! I was a little shocked at how short it really was once I cut half way around her head ... but I just kept on going. After her haircut Autumn went and looked in the mirror and I tried not to have a heart attack. Her hair was just past her shoulder and now it is at her jaw bone. When Autumn came out of the bathroom she came over to me and took one look at her hair on the floor and started crying! I calmed her down the best I could and told her not to worry because I was going to cut Brooklyn's hair the same way --- just as short! What else could I do? I wish I would have thought to take before pictures but here are some shots just after the cuts.

This is all of their hair I cut off! Yikes!!! I wanted to save it but Eric nixed that idea.

The next morning before school they started fighting (surprised aren't you?) so Brooklyn didn't want to be twins anymore. I made her take one twin picture with Autumn anyway.

Brooklyn wanted her hair to be different than Autumn's and chose two pigtails. Autumn is devastated and won't even pose for the picture.

Autumn and I agreed that she would look great with one ponytail in the back and that way they were still sorta twins because they both had pony tails in their hair. Drama --- Drama --- Drama! I hope I live!!!! With three girls in the house every moment is either UP or DOWN!
By the next day and with a little bit of a curl from the curling iron I actually really like their hair and they do too!!!! All in a day's work! That night I cut Ryan's hair too!

Beautiful Sunrise!

I was up between 5:30-6:00 am the other day making Ryan's lunch when I looked out the window and saw the beautiful sky! It was really quite amazing and the pictures do not do it justice.

What a beautiful world we live in! These are views from my deck in my backyard.

Do you know ...

everything about North Dakota? Brooklyn and I do! Here she is with her poster about North Dakota for 3rd grade. It was a major project!!! Quite alot of work for a 3rd grader I think. She recieved an A on it and I am glad! Here are a few fun facts about North Dakota:

1. If you dance wearing a hat in Fargo, North Dakota you can be put in jail!

2. North Dakota is the only state that has never had an earthquake!

3. It is against the law to fall asleep with your shoes on in North Dakota.

4. North Dakota grows more sunflowers than any other state.

So, if you need any info. on North Dakota you know who to look up!

London & Missionaries

Jump, Mommy (missionary), Jump