Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Porter County Fair

Ryan enjoys sitting in the driver's seat of the fire truck at the Fair.

Brooklyn is loving the swings!

Noah has a fun time on the swings!

My friend Brandi and I, with 8 kids total, went to the fair Monday morning before Eric and I went with the kids that evening. Her daughter Sibley wandered away at the time we took this picture. We had tons of fun!
On our way back to the car after the fair festivities!

What's a fair trip without Cotton Candy!

Brooklyn walks the monkey bridge in the cub scout area.

Eric and the kids enjoy the hypnotist show at the fair.

Ryan sits back and relaxes during the show.

London with her Daddy at the fair.

The kids enjoy the roller coaster. Went on it twice!

Ryan and Noah ride the roller coaster. They loved it! I had to go get Ryan out of the seat and he did not want to leave! In a few years I'm going to get a wristband for the kids so they can ride the rides over and over again for hours!

More roller coaster!

Waiting to begin the ride!

Autumn can't believe she has just seen someone skip rope while riding a unicycle! Noah looks like he is questioning this feat. And Ryan seems confused too!

Man on a unicycle jumps rope at the same time!

Autumn was impressed with the magic show! She really liked the snow made out of paper!

Enjoying the magic show.

Love the surprise and wonder in their eyes! I was so busy taking pictures of them I missed most of the show!

The kids try to twist their arms around and give the thumbs up sign without releasing their fingers like the magician! No one could do it!

London and Mommy wait for the big kids to get off the swing ride! She can hardly wait until it's her turn!

Isn't this priceless! Ryan was so excited to ride the rides at the fair! So worth it!

Having such a good time!

Autumn 5yrs, Brooklyn 9yrs, Noah 7yrs and Ryan 10yrs are waiting with anticipation for the swings to begin. This was a great ride at the Porter County Fair! It was a fun long ride too!
Loved the fair! Had so much fun and can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am going to have to try this later with some help!
I have no idea what I am doing but that's not unfamiliar for me. Let's see if this works. My first blog post ever! Any pointers?

London & Missionaries

Jump, Mommy (missionary), Jump