Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gotta Love This...

I was just looking at pictures of London when she and I were in the hospital on the computer with Autumn when she says, " You look so beautiful." I said, "Really? You really think I'm beautiful?" and then comes her sweet but painfully honest response, "Even though your fat your still beautiful" Gotta Love It!!! Just had to share. I am so far behind I'm scared to update my blog but I will try soon.


Nikki said...

Piper came up to me today and patted my tummy. "Mommy your belly is to big. Are you having another baby?" I told her it was big cause I was pregnant, 3 times! And if I was pregnant again to shoot me!

I have been stalking your blog waiting for an update. Just start with today. It is no use trying to catch up. I gave up on catching up and started fresh. It was seriously liberating! Can't wait for more entries!

Mom said...

Laura I'm glad you haven't died and gone to heaven I have missed your blogging. Keep it up Love MOM

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